Art in Public Places Installation


Inspired by the elements of our natural world, the Saltlick installation addresses a necessary aspect of the local ranching heritage on both a macro & micro nutrient scale.

Represented in plan, the fabricated three-dimensional ¼” plate steel base represents the crystalline molecular structure of sodium chloride (salt shown on a micro-level). Stacked into pillars, the compressed saltlicks were mined from the Himalayan Mountains and totals nearly 1000 lbs. of pure Himalayan salt (salt shown on a macro-level). Himalayan salt is said to be one of the purest salts and is often attributed with healing properties. In the spirit of “Hobbspitality”, at the end of March 2021, the saltlicks will be donated to the local youth members of the FFA & 4H agricultural community.

Sara Cummings & Mark Knutson, Co-founders of the Kason Group, and along with our dedicated fabrication team, we’re honored to be again selected as participants in T.I.M.E.*

*Temporary Installations Made for the Environment (T.I.M.E.) is part of the Art in Public Places Program of New Mexico Arts.  Each year the board commissions environmentally based artworks to respond to the cultural and environmental histories of the area.